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Meet Attendance and Declaration

Meet Sign-up

Meet declaration (also known as meet sign-up) should be done on a weekly basis and should take a few minutes of your time.  You must sign your swimmer(s) up for each meet in a timely manner or risk your child(ren) not being able to swim at the meets. In addition, we like and need to know if you won't be attending.  That way Coaches know the parent hasn't forgotten this step.

All Swimmers must declare each week that their swimmer(s) WILL or WILL NOT participate in the upcoming meet. 

We have two meets open for meet entry at a time. Declaration is due by noon on the SUNDAY before the meet in order to be placed in the Swimtopia seeding system for individual and relay events (instructions below).

Meet Absences

If your swimmer(s) must miss a meet or leave early, please update your swimmer status by Sunday.  If you find out late that your child cannot attend, please contact a coach as soon as possible.

Swimmer Declaration (attending or not attending)- Complete by noon on the Sunday before each Meet

  • Click the green MEET ENTRY tab for the upcoming meet
  • You will be prompted to sign up for job shifts
    • The system will indicate how many shifts you have
    • If you have less than 4, please select “Sign up for job shifts”
    • If you like to stay busy at meets, sign up for more!
  • Below the job prompt is "Your family swim meet status"
    • Your swimmers listed with “attending” or “not signed-up for this meet”
  • Select “edit”
  • Use the drop down to select attending or not attending
    • If you select “attending this meet” event options will appear
    • Select each box for the events you wish your swimmer to participate in. While we hope kids will try all events, we understand some are still working on strokes, endurance and overall confidence. We want to set your kids up for success, so if they aren't ready for butterfly that is fine, opt them out.
    • Next select your response for the Relays. There are 4 options so please read them carefully. 
      • Those with year round students these are helpful for bedtime/school dismissal issues.  
      • We encourage you to have your swimmer to watch & cheer on their teammates. It's great to watch and see how exciting relays are. They may be more interested to participate next time.
      • if your child isn't feeling comfortable with the idea of relays, it is best to opt out versus deciding last minute and cancel an entire relay group.
    • There is an option to leave short notes or comments about your decisions.
  • You must select the relay option to be placed on a relay
  • Be sure to select SAVE
  • Repeat for ALL your swimmers
  • If you complete these steps your swimmer should appear as “Attending” under “Family meet status”
  • If your status is not correct you didn’t select “save”
  • Repeat to make corrections and for additional swimmers

The scoring system of competitive swimming is based on individual events. Each swimmer is entered in the events prior to the actual start of the meet. Numerous forms are completed, copied, and distributed to meet officials of both involved teams. The coach’s line-ups are building blocks. If your child is a no-show or leaves early without advance notice, it affects not only the individual events that the swimmer was placed in, but also can put relays, which other children are part of, in jeopardy. Failure to give advance notice may result in disqualification for the next meet (and may cause other swimmers to become teary-eyed).

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