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2022 SVKW Swimsuits:

  • The TYR Phoenix Splice suits from the past few seasons have been discontinued.
  • https://www.tyr.com/ssearch?q=phoenix
  • Your swimmer can continue to wear this style of suit if they still fit them this season.
  • Otherwise, swimmers will wear plain black swimsuits with an SV swim cap to swim at Tuesday night meets. (We will have caps available for purchase)
  • TSA rules state that swimmers should NOT wear logos from year round swimming teams at our Tuesday night meets, so please be aware that (even if suit is all black) your swimmers should not wear suits with year round swim team logos.
  • Look here for the types of suits we want swimmers to wear.
  • You can place an order through this website but you don't have to. You can buy suits wherever you want to.
  • GO TO: https://www.augustaswimsupply.com/teams.cfm
  • ENTER:
  • PASSWORD 1234
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