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Volunteer Job Description

Below is a review of job duties and what may be expected of you for each position.  Sorry, but no children are allowed to work with you, please leave younger children with another adult while you work.

Please note that there are several jobs not listed and may not be available for sign up.  Many jobs require training or specific swim knowledge. The team is always looking for volunteers with specific swim knowledge who can help with more niche jobs. Please email volunteer.svkw@gmail.com if interested in more information.

Quick Explanation on Shifts:

First Half Shifts- Events #1-#34 (freestyle relays until 15-18 women’s backstroke)

Second Half Shifts- Events #34-#66-Begin with 6&U breaststroke and end with 15-18 relays

Time Sensitive Shifts- Those shifts have times when you should report and expect the shift to end. Please be flexible with some of those end times if things get delayed.

6&U Parents- If your oldest child is 6&U you can leave after breaststroke. 6&U do not swim butterfly or do relays. See below for job ideas that work with 6&U schedule.

Job Descriptions

Concessions-Sell food and drinks. Sell pizza by the slice, Bojangles sandwiches, water and sodas. Tables and coolers will be set up by the snack bar. First shift helps set up the concession area, second shift stays until the area is cleaned up. Volunteers will also deliver water to volunteers from both teams at a set time during the shift. There are 4 people at the table, you’ll be able to step away to watch your swimmer. Further instructions will be given when you arrive.

Kid Pusher- Line up and escort swimmers in age group to clerk of course. Remain at clerk of course to assist with keeping the kids in place and setting the relays. Swimmers should be ready to swim (caps & goggles) and in order by heat placement. Required to stay for duration of events for your age group. Please push for your kid's age group only, this is a great way for parents to learn other kids in your group.

Meet Clean up- Help clean up pool after the meet. This usually takes about 30-45 min total. Duties include: removing trash, sweeping, moving chairs, tables, and in general returning the pool back to "normal". You will receive a checklist and work with the lifeguards.

Meet Setup- Work with the lifeguards to get the pool ready for the meet. The Meet setup Lead will have a list of things including: moving tables and chairs, setting up for officials, cones for parking lot, swimmer tents, and announcer equipment. Please wear closed toed shoes and be at the pool at 4:15pm.

Recorder- stands with place judges, records the finish positions to send to scorer.

Ribbon Writer- Record swimmer’s name and event on the back of each place ribbon. Each team provides their own ribbon writers for the meet. You will sit near the scorer, time entry (at our pool this is in the baby pool) and will be able to get up and watch your swimmer compete. Ribbons are given for first to sixth place only.

Runner- take event sheet from recorder, dq sheets from stroke judges and timer sheets to scorers table (in baby pool) after each event. Wear comfortable shoes, as this job keeps you moving around the pool.

Ribbon Handout - Watch each heat and give the heat winner a ribbon for all 10 & U races. Give each swimmer who wants a participant ribbon one for freestyle only. Please allow 6&U parents to signup for first shift.

Season Positions

Vacant positions or positions to shadow & learn this year to take over next year

Cary City Meet Coordinator

CCM is a super fun event where all local summer swim teams dress up, have fun and compete against one another for all the glory!! You will: attend one informational meeting to get the meet details for our team, coordinate meet entries with our coaches, organize a fun theme for our team, getting shirts/costumes for coaches, ordering decorations for the tent, etc. You will coordinate setting up SV tents at Scottish Hills on 7/8 & break down/clean up after the meet on 7/9. Finally, you will create a SignUp Genius for meet volunteers, snacks & drinks. This position is worth full volunteer credits for the season.

TSA Rep- We have one representative, but are in need of a second to cover all meets.You will attend all TSA meetings and act as the liaison to board. During meets you need to be at the pool to help with rules and decisions and work with visiting team TSA Rep. Must be familiar with all TSA rules.

Spirit/Social Chair- work with Rachel this year to learn all the fun things she does to make the summer swim team FUN!

Co-Chair- Lesley Kohler will again be our fabulous Chair for the team, but historically this role has been held by 2 people to distribute duties. As we return to “normal” we need a second person to help with the behind-the-scenes responsibilities. It would be a great help to our team to return this to a shared role.


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